RetailWire: BrainTrust Query: When A Customer Freaks Out

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While waiting for a flight, BrainTrust panelist Doug Fleener watched a very stressed passenger freak out on an airline representative. The passenger’s behavior was embarrassing and completely unacceptable, and he observed how the agent handled it. What are some obvious and less obvious ways for retailer staffs to handle extremely irate customers?      [more...]


Jason Goldberg

Jason Goldberg, VP of Strategy & Customer Experience

In “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business,” Charles Duhigg did a pretty detailed case study about how Starbucks prepares their associates for that inevitable situation.

Starbucks’ customer experience is utterly dependent on associates, but they are forced to hire inexperienced staff that will inevitably face irate customers with misplaced aggregation. Starbucks does a lot of role-playing for those eventualities, so the associates form good habits before ever being confronted in a live situation. They call it the LATTE method: listen, acknowledge, take action, thank the customer, and explain why the problem occurred.

“Your apron is your shield.”


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